A New Year, A New HumanTouch

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Happy new year.

As we move into 2018, we want to honor our past, but embrace our future as an IT leader in the federal marketplace.  We want to make 2018 our year of “innovation.”

That is why we have decided to update the look and feel of our HumanTouch brand.  You’ll notice we have modernized our logo and colors.  This modernization is reflective of the innovative, cutting edge ideas and service offerings we have here at HumanTouch.  We are not only transforming ourselves, but we are also transforming the industry as we know it. 

We are the same, ever-evolving HT—now our brand just reflects that philosophy.

Rebecca C Hance

The Art and Design of Rebecca C. Hance

About HumanTouch, LLC

HumanTouch, LLC, empowers organizations around the world to maximize visibility and strategic insight into their business operations, transforming the way they work and make decisions. The company works with public and private-sector customers to develop customized innovation that addresses specific individual and industry work management challenges. Together, HumanTouch and its customers build upon a dynamic framework of available technologies to achieve new levels of operational efficiencies, accelerated time to market, cost optimization and improved consumer engagement and satisfaction. This is achieved through a comprehensive suite of IT products and services that cover technology infrastructure, big data/analytics, cybersecurity, content management and broad range of other cloud-based innovations. For more information visit: www.humantouchllc.com.


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