JAM Session

Finally… music to the ears for business managers who need solutions now and don’t have the time for traditional implementation! 

HumanTouch JAM Sessions are a new and exciting way to create solutions that produce results in a matter of hours. Just in Time Application Modeling (JAM) uses a highly configurable, scalable and mobile-enabled Platform as a Service (PaaS), to completely reinvent how solutions are designed, developed and implemented to achieve production-ready status faster than ever before. JAM Sessions are highly interactive and focus on producing real-time results that you can see, touch and interact with in a fun and highly collaborative environment that encourages failure and attempting high-risk, high-value solutions by implementing “on the fly”.

To learn more about HumanTouch’s JAM Sessions, or schedule you own, please E-mail: info@humantouchllc.com or
Phone: (703) 910-5090.