Who Uses JAM Sessions?

JAM Sessions are business focused. In fact, 90% of the time spent during a typical JAM Sessions is focused on quickly modeling and testing new ideas which are completely shielded from technology constraints. This is accomplished through a suite of pre-built services that can be configured, tested and reconfigured in realtime to truly “make music”. Attendees of JAM Session are typically stakeholders who know and have worked in the business, understand the mission and key processes and have an appreciation for the challenges and complexities of today’s business and technology environment and tomorrow’s opportunities.

What Type of Solutions Can I Create?

JAM Sessions are best suited for building “edge” applications that are data intensive and complement existing systems or business processes. JAM Session applications are typically very social, mobile and collaboration based and often require executive-level dashboards to quickly visualize and report on information. Examples include extensions to ERP systems, environments that promote collaboration and data entry across a distributed base of stakeholders, integration platforms that pull and organization information from multiple data sources, micro-apps to support on demand changes to business processes and dozens of other scenario’s and use cases.