Cloud Engineer- CENSUS


Develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure that systems support the organization's business requirements and meet the needs of CENSUS mission.  The Cloud Engineer will oversee deployment and integration of all layers or components of the cloud environment, including interfaces.

Responsibilities include: 

  • Implementation of a cloud-based IT solution
  • Providing engineering support to cloud
  • Leveraging of cloud computing technology
  • Support the modernizing, virtualizing and migrating of CENSUS applications
  • Implement Cloud Security environment that is compliant with CENSUS requirements
  • Create guidance documentation for use and movement of application to cloud services

The individual is expected to cover a significant subset of the following capabilities and skills:

Cloud Solutions, Cloud Migration Strategies, Hybrid Cloud Solutions, Cloud Implementations, Virtualization, Middleware Solutions, Mobility Solutions, Network Architecture, Mentoring customers in DevOps, Development of Dashboards, Managing transition from legacy processes to DevOps, Strong business analysis skills and experience - including development of business vision and strategies, functional decomposition, requirements capture, process modeling, Strong knowledge of design and architectural patterns.

Knowledge of Private Cloud, IaaS, and PaaS service models, associated toolset integrations, experience supporting the integration of services across multiple CSPs including providing cost oversight and Incident Management across CSPs



Experience in partitioning of functionality among applications and components and application interfaces/interoperability. Experience in software development methodologies and structured approaches to system development.  Experience with secure provisioning of a highly available and geographically dispersed operation across multiple CSPs.  Experience with data replication.  Experience with successfully migrating, managing, and replicating enterprise-wide data into the cloud environment across multiple CSPs.  Experience deploying data analytics solutions in cloud environments.


Bachelor's degree or equivalent in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, Business, or other related scientific or technical discipline. 18+ Years with HS or 14+ Years with AA or 12+ Years with BS or 10+ Years with MS