Senior Security Architect: US Census

Senior Security Architect designs, develops and oversees infrastructure, policy, and application security for an organization. The Senior Security Architect enhances organizational security posture by determining security requirements; planning, implementing, and testing security systems; preparing security standards, policies, and procedures; mentoring team members.

Senior Security Architect determines security requirements by evaluating business strategies and requirements; researching information security standards; conducting system security and vulnerability analyses and risk assessments; developing secure coding best practices; studying architecture/platform; and identifying integration issues.

Extensive knowledge of security requirements related to cloud based architectures, including AWS gov cloud, PlaaS, IaaS. designs public key infrastructures (PKIs), including certification authorities (CAs) and digital signatures.



Some Experience (preferably hands on) with Cloud security technologies including API gateways, ESB Integration, secure coding, DB Security, Identity Management

Knowledge of advanced security and intrusion concepts including mitigation of APT ( Advanced Persistent Threats)

Excellent written and oral presentation skills.



10+ years of experience

BS Degree in related field.