Technical Writer Documentation Specialist

General Description

The Technical Writer Documentaton Specialist will perform a variety of documentation-related tasks including web page, document, and correspondence creation, proofing, and editing. He/she will provide maintenance for user manuals, reference material, technical manuals, communication plans, program and operational documentation, training materials, Instruction documents, and other types as assigned. Instruction documents may include how to use the computer application including guidance on navigational links and content requirements.

Position Responsibilities & Expectations:

•          Shall provide documentation and other monitoring aids on use of CDC’s support services, including summaries of support provided to users at state and local health departments or other settings.  

•          Shall provide technical documentation for system audiences including technical staff, and state and local grantees. 

•          Candidate shall edit, modify and maintain existing documentation. 

•          Update websites that support DHAP programs, including coordination of programming and design of technical information for distribution on the Internet and Intranet; evaluation of the use of information technology and resources to effectively deliver critical public health information on HIV/AIDS to constituents and the public.

•          Will coordinate regular meetings with information providers from both inside and outside the division to ensure information is accurate, correctly displayed, and in context; and assistance to researchers and program staff in organizing information for posting on the Internet and Intranet through group and individual training.

•          Responsibilities shall also include managing all requests, compliance documents for CDC staff, grantees and other users; and keeping accurate records of all historical, current and future technical documents. 

•          Shall track deliverable schedules, clearances, and acceptances; manage documents in an electronic document management system; and review all content of various websites that support DHAP projects, including necessary reviews and clearances.

•          Will provide continuous expertise on innovative Web technologies, and health communication science.

•          Shall assure that all documentation materials developed are fully compliant with Section 508.

Work Experience Requirements

Minimum 4-6 years of related experience

Proficiency in the use of the following software applications:

•                    Adobe InDesign or Adobe PageMaker

•                    Microsoft Excel

•                    Snagit

•                    Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher

•                    Microsoft PowerPoint

•                    Adobe Acrobat Pro

•                    Adobe FrameMaker

•                    Adobe RoboHelp

Education Requirements

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent